Item Number: WN-1605B

Wenning Needles - Bulk 10

We only sell our acupuncture needles to qualified practitioners. We must verify your qualification in order to process your order.

NEW Stock will be in end of September 2022, please check back.

WOW! NO PAIN... Only $2.60/100 Needles ON SALE

Wenning Acupuncture Needles continue on the superior quality:

  • 1000 Needles per box, 10 Needles per bag with one guide tube
  • Pain Free, Ultra-smooth insertion, Superior Performance
  • Save Lots of Plastic Waste and Packing Material - Eco Friendly, Lowest Cost
  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • ISO 13485 Certified / Licensed by Health Canada
  • Sterile, Single Use
  • $22.000 per box

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